The Train To Delhi – Short story

“Hurry!” He shouted “Please, we have to go.” Stated Adam in a dramatic voice. Wind roared outside and big droplets of rain fell heavy on the pavement. I stood on my spot contemplating whether or not we should leave in such crazy weather conditions. But the weather was not the only thing making me reconsider; I still held doubts in my mind about our extremely childish decision. But I knew at this point it was not up to debate; we had been planning this for months. And we were going to leave now.

“Baby, look outside it’s mad!” I tried reasoning with my stubborn lover, but even I knew that trying to convince him into staying was senseless. In fact if it was him that was trying to convince me instead I would have lost my mind. I wanted him. I wanted him! And I wanted our life together more than any other thing in the world. To stay would make me brainless. To stay would go against every single one of my hearts convictions. I felt him move closer to me and his soft hand clasped mine’s. I turned around to look at him and a small grin started to form on his plump lips. His smile spoke of wild adventures and warm sunny days in the most beautiful corners of our world. His smile promised me happiness.

“Lets go right now; we have to make it to the train in time.” He said softly, with a hint of excitement evident in his soothing voice.

“Leila!” He said my name as if he was trying to shake me from my dilemma, but there was no dilemma. The rains would not stop us; no the rains were a gift. Even the heavens knew of our plan; I had been praying to have him!

“Lets go Adam.” I said. I had made my decision and slowly my worries began to dissipate. They made way for a new found hope reminding me why we were running away in the first place. I loved him; so deeply; so madly and they just would not allow for our relation. But who were they to speak on our lives matters! Who were they to tell us we could not love! Do they know love makes us human and it is they who have forgotten what it means to care, to nurture, and to desire. I know we must sound mad to any reasonable person, but by god few have loved like we have and only a few understand.

I looked up at Adam and he stared back in anticipation. I had made up my mind. I took his hand in mine and led him towards the door. Reaching for the door knob; he held the door open as I walked out. The heavy rain fell around us persistently, but there was no stopping us. It was a ten minute walk to the station and the train to Delhi would be leaving soon. We had to run if we wanted to make it. The rain was starting to drench my clothes.

“We have to move fast!” Said Adam; furiously excited. He took my hand in his firm hold and we broke into a run. Our feet hard against the pavement. My heart pounded in my chest. The streets blurred around us as the train station began to come into sight. Running up the steps of the station the first thing we saw were the vendor stands lined up at one end of the station serving travelers. The mighty steam train stood on its tracks on the other end. The rain had calmed down now. It came down gently. We stood at the train station for a moment; this was it.

“I love you!” Adams voice called from beside me and I turned to look at him. His clothes were drenched but the smile on his face was persistent. He still clutched my hand and suddenly he started to move forward; leading me towards the train. The train that would lead to the rest of our lives.


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Will You Hold Me? — Poem with explanation

I love you,

but do you love me?

Do you feel the world stop when you look at me?

Does your heart beat like a thousand bass drums

every time your gaze falls upon me?

Because every time you walk past me;

my heart yearns and I feel an ache.

And all I want is to be tucked in safe in your strong arms.

You told me that you liked the plump curve of my lips when I smiled.

You said you needed me every time distance stole me from your embrace.

So will you hold me?

When I need you?

Because I’m scared.

And I so desperately want your sweet whispers in my ears reminding me; “I’m still here.”

Because I’m scared; that you’d lie and that you were selfish.

Because you fell in love with the comfort I gave you.

You didn’t really love me.

You wanted me but wanting was never really a necessity.

What do you know about necessity?

Do you know I desire you so desperately.

As if you were the very air I breathed.

As if like Helios and his chariot you dragged the sun out into my world

and without that light no life would flourish.

So will you hold me?

Lest the blood pumping through my veins run dry.

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I wrote this poem in the perspective of a person deeply in love. The mood of the poem has an uncertainty to it. The main character is sort of questioning if their partner feels the same way about them; they are looking for reassurance. At the same time the main character is elaborating on their feelings for their partner and how they feel as if they need their partners affection. The inspiration for this poem was “needing reassurance”. I wrote this poem to portray how every so often people need to be told that they are loved.

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Its Dark In Here – Free Choice Writing

I looked around me and it was all a blurred haze. Everything happened so fast. I knelt inside the dark cavern I was put in. My hands were tied up behind me. My wrists burned with every movement because of the rope binding me. The tall black walls of the cave looked daunting. They looked as if they would swallow me whole. As if they would eradicate any evidence of my being. Erase me from existence. My breath came out fast and shallow. It was hard to breathe now. I was beginning to suffocate! My mind raced and my heart pounded like a demon trying desperately to break open from his cage.

“What am I doing here!” I thought to myself. Sweat formed on the palms of my hands. I began to struggle and thrash. All I saw around me was the cave and I felt that if I kept my eyes open any longer; the sight would sniff out any light left inside my dying heart. It would steal any semblance of my sanity. I realized struggling was no use but I knew I had to leave. I had to get out. I had to get out!

“Help!”, I tried to shout but I couldn’t get myself to make a sound. I tried to swallow but I wasn’t able to. There was no moisture in my mouth. My throat was dry and I realized that tears lay on the ground. My cheeks were wet and my eyes were tired. Never in my life had I felt so afraid and it left me numb down to my very core. I didn’t feel now, I couldn’t feel anymore.

Realization began to dawn upon me and I began to think; this could be forever, and I might have to do this forever.

But somewhere inside the deepest parts of my heart, somewhere within kept so desperately hidden; I knew, that this was all in my head. And I was scared; terrified of myself. I felt a feeling of doom; a feeling of dread.

“What’s it like?” you ask.

This is what it’s like to be stuck inside your own head. To be kept a prisoner guarded by the demons I created myself.

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T for Tired -April free choice-

I’m tired,

but rest is no refuge

because I’m tired of that very refuge.

I’m tired of resting and telling myself that today i’ll rest and tomorrow i’ll do better

because tomorrow I will be the very same.

So I decided to change;

let my desires free, untamed,

be who I chose to portray.

Because one day i’ll be wide awake,

wondering how it all went away.

and on that very day,

I want to smile and say;

It was worth it every single second and every single one of my days.


When I was writing this poem the contents of it were something that just came to me. When writing this I felt frustrated with  myself and you can feel the frustration portrayed in the many words of my poem. I have always focused on self growth and in continually bettering myself so I can be the best person possible and when I am unable to do so it makes me feel sort of incompetent. Nevertheless, I have always looked onto the bright side of things, which is very important and one should always try to do so regardless of their situation because things will always get better; this message is something that I tried to portray throughout my poem and it is something I try to think about often when things look bleak.

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Lost In A Grocery Store – Anecdote

         I looked around in a frantic. The shelves upon shelves and the bright white lights began to look daunting as they were all I could see everywhere I looked.

So it was a regular day for five years old me and everything was fine until we decided to go grocery shopping at a local Walmart. Stepping foot into the store everything was normal and dandy. My mom stared at the grocery list clutched in her hand, the list that would tell us where to first go. So we started off by picking up the fruits and vegetables we needed and moved on to the rest of the food items that required to be bought like usual. The trouble, however, started during the end of the trip when the family decided to look at the books available in the store, just before paying at the register. Walking towards where the shelves, I began to look through the neatly arranged books. Picking up a book that interested me, I looked back to assure myself of my families presence,  just as I thought, they were all there and I turned back to the book in my hands.

“Did you find something yet?” My mother asked.

I nodded as a reply and continued to observe the book with deep concentration. The book was interesting enough just as much as the next part of what happens to me in this story. I took the book triumphantly because this book was the one and I turned around, much to my horror my family was nowhere to be found. Suddenly my heart began to beat and beat, faster and faster as the seconds went by, sweat encased the palms of small fragile hands. Now keep in mind I was only five which I hope will justify my stupidity in this situation. I walked around in a daze and continued to walk in hopes of finding my family in the aisles of our local Walmart. The fear was apparently very apparent on my face because a worker approached me looking concerned. She knelt down on her knees to reach my level and a warm smile formed at her lips.

“What’s wrong?” she questioned sweetly.

The words rushed out of my mouth through my dry throat as tears threatened to spill out of my eyes

“I can’t find my mom,” I mumbled softly to the worker.

Her smile grew wider and her hand reached for my small one. She stood up and started to walk. I did not know where she was leading me but a few seconds later we were at the help center where the intercom was placed. A few other workers saw me in my state and reciprocated the concern the lady holding my hand had felt for me. The lady told everyone what had happened and a teenage boy knelt down to try and comfort me. At this point, I just wanted to find my mom and all these people were starting to annoy me. The lady finally announced on the intercom for my mom to come and collect me. The seconds went by painfully slow as my family finally decided to emerge from the chaotic aisles of the store.

“Where were you” I yelled at my mom who seemed mildly amused.

“We were right there” she spoke calmly, “I thought you were busy staring at your book, so we moved to another aisle for a second but we couldn’t find you when we came back!”  She explained.

She embraced me into her arms and laughed.

“it’s okay now, let’s go home,” she said.

My mother was very unconcerned about this, in fact, I saw amusement on her face. I could not fathom that she did not feel as afraid for me as I did for myself. Looking back on it I do understand it now because it definitely was not as big of a deal as I originally thought. Walking away, I looked back at the workers who were just as amused as my mother at this situation. I even heard a chuckle out of that teenage boy, which I then thought was very disrespectful but I did not pay it much mind. I had found my family and I did not need to worry anymore. In a short while, I had forgotten of the situation entirely and we drove home in peace.

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